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How YOU can support REEDS

There are several ways in which you can support us.

  • Volunteering: e.g. long-term local assistance; short description of some possibilities of volunteering (task description, cultural experiences, accommodation etc.).
  • Sharing Knowledge/Information: e.g. sharing expertise/professionalism by giving training/courses/seminars/scans/workshops; short-term local assistance.
  • Support in Kind: e.g. equipment, seeds etc.
  • Support Financially: donate individually or as a company.
  • Fund Raising: examples of how to collect funds for REEDS.
  • Exchange Program: Students co-learning
  • Sponsor a child: Living in India is cheap from a Western perspective. So why not use those 5 euros to feed a child for a month?
  • Contact us if you would like to support!

Friends of REEDS

Friends of REEDS (2009) is a Dutch foundation aiming to provide sustainable funding for the REEDS Annai Childrens Home program at Panjapatty, India.


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Recent Activities

# School Health Education Program in association with SHARP NGO, New Delhi

#Child Rights Program in Schools in association with DCPU & CWC of State Government,Tamil Nadu

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